Michio Koide

Michio Koide is a jewelry designer / artist based in Japan. 

He creates artworks mixing classical art and technology.

In old days, the artist “Michelangelo” lighted people’s heart through excellent creations.

Michio Koide, the jewelry designer, wishes to transmit the power of art by mixing art and jewelry.


Held individual exposition in Paris

Participated toJapan Eventhosted by the city of Paris

Created the pendant for the First Lady in Japan.

Collaborated with a casual brand in the U.S.

Held individual exposition in Nippon Gallery, New York

Created collaboration piece withKohei Okamoto, a famous calligrapher in Japan

Held individual exposition in Tokyo

Created the pendant for a famous female artist in Japan

Made the painting Female ChristbyPAVLINA, an artist in Switzerland, into 3D and announced it as a jewelry