Takashi Harada

Takashi Harada is a Japanese Painting (Nihonga) artist and lives and works in Manhattan, NY. He was born in a small porcelain-making town, Arita, Saga, in Japan.

After completing the PhD program of the Graduate School of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1998, he moved out from Japan. Since then he had stayed in Germany, France, and Canada, before arriving in U.S in 2001. He was granted a fellowship “Japanese Government Overseas Study Programme for Artists” from the Agency for Cultural Affairs (Bunkacho) of Japanese Government in 2005. Staying outside of Japan made him to face the identity of himself being Japanese, at the same time it gave him opportunities to contemplate about the connection between human beings and other natural matters while collecting the images of nature in other countries.

Harada believes that all natural things, including human beings, have a sort of common structure, and that each of them exist having the equal value at the level of molecules or atoms. He also believes that when humans immerse themselves in the natural world, their information as life recorded in their genes becomes one with the natural world, and their common structure connects them to each other as tiny individual atoms in the natural world. He wishes to create artworks that can evoke such a feeling.

He has been exhibiting his artworks in numerous exhibitions over 30 years in Japan and US. Currently his artworks are on view at Sato Sakura Gallery New York as his first solo show at the gallery and most recently he had a solo exhibition at Dyckman Farmhouse Museum in Inwood, Manhattan in New York City in 2018.