Kay Yoshiya

Kay Yoshiya is depicting her paintings in a form of multi-wing altar pieces, inspired by the Renaissance paintings but by adopting modern intention and techniques, fully thought out by herself. Human emotions like love and trust and mutual exchange thereof are vital themes to her, and they are depicted on panels in symbolized forms such as birds, flowers, clouds, continuing landscape, breathing from one person to other streaming from one wing to other and vice versa.


The "Renaissance" is a historical term for the period of about 500 years ago, aiming at restoring old Greek and Roman cultures. The spirit of Renaissance nowadays stands more for 'innovation' than 'restoration' in the original meaning. Kay has continuously attempted to create her own styles to express her artistic intention. Although her works look a bit like old Renaissance paintings, she developed lots of ideas and techniques of her own, resulting in uniqueness without comparable art styles of anybody in the world.


The works of Kay enjoy very high reputations in Japan and the Netherlands due to this uniqueness displayed in her paintings and lithographic works, that is in fact a mixture of two contrast, extremely fine and subtle expressions peculiar to Japanese artist, and at the same time, very dynamic rhythm and harmonized color sense of European art. 


Educational Background:


Studied at Bunka-Gakuin Academy, Tokyo, Japan


Studied at Royal Academy of Fine Arts & Free Academy, both in The Hague


Artistic Activities:


Many solo- as well as group-exhibitions in various places in the Netherlands,

Belgium, Japan & The U.S.


Main Exhibitions:


Participated to special group exhibition "Portraits of Queen Juliana" at Gallery Philipona-The Hague, commemorating the 25th Jubilee of Queens Coronation


Special solo-exhibition organized by Sakura City at Sakura City Hall Gallery to commemorate 380years relationship between Sakura & the Netherlands

1993, 98 & 2005

Solo exhibitions at “Wako Hall” Gallery in Tokyo


Solo-exhibition at the Culture Center of Japanese Embassy in Brussels (Belgium)


Special joint exhibition “Spring of the Art = Poem” with Japanese poet Makoto Ooka in Amstelveen and in Kobe, Japan as one of the cultural events in commemoration of 400-Year Netherlands-Japan relation jubilee


Museum project exhibition at the Municipal Museum of Sakura City, Japan with my 15 works from their collection)


Solo-exhibition "Kay Yoshiya's New Renaissance" at Museum Geelvinck-Hinlopen, Amsterdam (NL)


Solo-exhibition "Kay Yoshiya's New Renaissance"at The Nippon Club Gallery, New York (USA)


Solo-exhibition"Kay Yoshiya's New Renaissance" at Park Hotel, Kamakura, Japan organized by Kasagi Gallery