Tomoko Hayakawa

New York based ceramic artist, Tomoko Hayakawa, has been horning her skills in slip casting ceramics for the past 23 years. Originally an interior/industrial designer, Tomoko blended her design experience in her artwork.

In 1999, after getting licensed by a Dutch ceramic company who announced her products, Tomoko’s passion gradually shifted from creating commercial products to fine art. She was relieved from her initial beliefs towards slip casting as only a technique for mass producing products, which dramatically expanded her range of ideas. By incorporating the technique of slip casting into her art works, Tomoko was able to challenge the boundary between art and design. Slip casting (by using molds) is ideal for creating lightweight and clean structures. By overlapping multiple simple parts, new expressions of depth can be created. Her curiosity for the flexibility of ceramic material and its hard texture after being fired, is still endless to this day.