Michio Namatame

1957    Born in Japan

1979-98 Awarded at many art exhibitions in Japan

              Many gallery exhibitions in Japan

1995-99 Special Lecturer  International Art &Design College(Japan) 

1999-  Overseas Exhibition 

CAST IRON Gallery (NY), CELAM Gallery (NY), AMORI (NY)

Shanghai Art Fes (China), Silk Journey to Art (Singapore),

Berlinale (Germany), Malta Art Fes (Malta), Kyonin Musuum (Korea)

Degasu Gallery (China), ALT JAPONE (Milan), Art Basel (USA)

Government Plane Exhibition

GANA ART.  Korea. Japan government (Korea)

Garden Hotel Shanghai,  Japan government (China)

Shanghai, Unv  China.Japan govermentDiplomatic50th( China)

China art Center  Japan government (China, Shanghai)

GO SYOUHEI Musuam  Japan government (China, Shanghai)


*Contemporary artist active in New York and Shanghai


Music performance, Novelist