Mami Okamoto

2016 Solo exhibition/Mitsuoka Motors Azabu Gallery

2016,2017,2018,2019  Solo exhibition/Harajuku Cafe Diana Gallery

2016,2017,2018,2019  Exhibition sponsored by the Association of Contemporary

Artists - GENTEN/The National Art Center (Tokyo)

2017  ACC Muse Exhibition Yotsuya Art Complex Center
2017  Solo exhibition
/Hangaram Gallery SEOUL, Korea

2018  GENTEN AXISYoung elite exhibition AXIS EAST/

   Kyobashi Artspace RASHINBAN
2018  The 24th Contemporary Art Japan-Korea Exhibition
/Kyobashi Gallery KUBOTA
2018  Solo exhibition
/Solo exhibition produced by Gallery GINZA BI-NO-KIGENN
2018, 2019  The Marine Day Art Show
/The Nippon Gallery at NIPPON CLUB in the U.S.A
2019  The 25th Contemporary Art Japan-Korea Exhibition
/Korea Alice Gallery, Korea

2019 Love Joyful Art Show/The Loft at Liz's, Beverly Hills, U.S.A

2019 Taiwan Kaohsiung Art Fair/CITY SUITES CHENNAI, Taiwan

2020   The Marine Day Art Show/Fukushima Airport
2020    Solo exhibition
/Solo exhibition produced by Gallery AZUMA, Ginza