Yoshiro Shimizu



Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Graduate School of Fine Arts 

Completed the Doctoral Program (Second Semester)  1992


Master Thesis/Work

Copy of Lotus Sutra Mural on the Southern Wall of No.217 Grott, Dunhuang MogaoCave, Spring 1989                                                          

Exhibition of Artworks by Students of the Doctoral Program at the Archives of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Spring,1992                          



81st Saiko (Revival) Exhibition of Japan Art Institute, Autumn, 1996

Title: “Starry Seas,” Encouragement Award

52nd Spring Exhibition of Japan Art Institute, Spring, 1997

Title: “Azure Clouds and Seas,” Best Work of Art Prize[1]

53rd Spring Exhibition of Japan Art Institute, Spring, 1998

Title: “Ice Cascade,” Foreign Minister’s Award

85th Saiko(Revival) Exhibition of Japan Art Institute, Autumn, 2000

Title: “Source of Flames,” Taikan Award

96th Saiko (Revival) Exhibition of Japan Art Institute, Autumn, 2011

Title: “First Action,” Education Minister’s Award

99th Saiko (Revival) Exhibition of Japan Art Institute, Autumn, 2014

Title: “In the Wild,” Prime Minister’s Award


Cultural Awards

l  Wakayama Prefectural Cultural Encouragement Award;  Received in Autumn, 2012

l  Wakayama Municipal Cultural Commendation Award;   Received in Autumn, 2015


One-Person/Joint Exhibitions

l  Joint Exhibition; L’AME ACTUELLE DU JAPON-Etonnants Peintres INTEN

     Mitsukoshi Etoile Paris, (April, 2007)

l  One Person Exhibition; “Castle Scenes” 

    Mitsukoshi Department store in Tokyo.  Also traveled to Nagoya, Fukuoka, and

    Sendai, (2009)

l  One Person Exhibition;” Ways of Winds”

    Takashimaya Department store in Tokyo. Also traveled to Yokohama JR Nagoya and 

Kyoto Stores, (2012)

l  Joint Exhibition, “Spark,” Exhibition of Excellent Works Purchased by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Takasaki City Tower Museum of Fine Art (April 13~June 23, 2013)

l  Joint Exhibition, the 50th Anniversary Exhibition of Wakayama Prefectural Cultural Awards, Wakayama Museum of Modern Art (Nov. 23~Dec. 3rd, 2013)

l  Joint Exhibition, the Centennial Exhibition of Japan Art Institute, Japanese Painting of the Century, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art (Jan. 25~April 1st, 2014)

l  Studio Works, “Reflection” Selected student work from Teachers Collage studio courses. Macy Gallery, Teachers College, Columbia University(Dec.3~20,2018)

l  One Person Exhibition; “Timble of time.” 

Mitsukoshi Department store in Tokyo. (2021)



Higher Education


Professor, April 2009 -March 2021

Soka University, Faculty of Education

  -Basics of Plane Representation, Art Education, Seminars on Japanese Painting


Professor, April, 2021to present

The Aichi Prefectural University of Arts, Department of Japanese Style Painting