Hakata Hariko

Tomoko Miura Profile 

1985 Born in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture 
2004 Graduated from Kurume Commercial High School, Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Get a general job 
2012 Married the second son of Takashi Miura, who is the fifth generation of papier-mache 
2020 Quit my current job and start helping with Hakata Hariko (papier-mache) 
2022 Demonstration begins at the tourist facility “Hakata Machiya Furusatokan” with the fifth-generation. Became the 6th generation, entrusted with overall papier mache production by Takashi Miura, the 5th generation. 

”I work hard to make Hakata Hariko known to as many people as possible by holding weekly demonstrations at the Furusato Museum, visiting elementary schools in Fukuoka Prefecture to give lectures, and experiencing painting at special exhibitions. While making traditional works, I'm also working on that fit into modern life.”