Traditional Japanese Art for a Bright Future "Signs of Good Fortune" from the collection of Susan Tosk

Nov 12, 2020 - Dec 30, 2020

Unsigned (Signs of Good Fortune)

Silver bonbonnière, karabitsu (armor box)

Silverwork, engraving, gilt
2 in

About the work

Jungin seal, Kobayashi sei  1920

This bonbonnier bears the gold mark of Prince Kan nin no miya Kotohito, This is chiseled with auspicious sho chiku bai (Pine Bamboo and plum) It is apt for a nobleman who was also a top military commander, as they represent the Confucian ideals of steadfastness, resilience and perseverance. He was the cousin to the Meiji Emperor and was also adopted as a brother by the Emperor Komei.

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