Traditional Japanese Art for a Bright Future "Signs of Good Fortune" from the collection of Susan Tosk

Nov 12, 2020 - Dec 30, 2020

Unsigned (Signs of Good Fortune)

Fukusa "Noshi and flaming jewel"

Satin, couched silver stitch
27 x 26 in

About the work

Unsigned, Mid Edo period, Satin, couched silver stitch and forbidden stitch

This fukusa shows three flaming Tama (Wish-Fulfilling Jewel of Buddhism), each done in difficult Forbidden Stitch.  Each Tama resembles the Zen Buddhist symbol for infinity.  Noshi (strips of washi used for gift-adornment) are done in couched gold thread  The depiction of both Tama and Noshi impart the effect of brushstrokes of an ink painting.  18th century (mid--Edo period).

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