Traditional Japanese Art for a Bright Future "Signs of Good Fortune" from the collection of Susan Tosk

Nov 12, 2020 - Dec 30, 2020

Unsigned (Signs of Good Fortune)

Carved wood netsuke featuring "Shoki and oni"

Wood carving inlay
1.5 in

About the work

The carved wood netsuke is by the artist Masakazu of Nagoya (d. 1886).

Shoki captures the oni by placing a large straw hat over him, and one can see the grimacing face of the oni; the viewer is delighted to see the whole body of the oni only by picking up the netsuke to examine the entire sculpture. The oni personifies sickness and misfortune, so Shoki defeating him implies health and good fortune. Shoki has double-inlaid eyes to show great expression.

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