Good Luck Charms of Edo

Jan 14, 2021 - Feb 17, 2021


Edodako - Edo Kite

Japanese Paper, Bamboo
2.75 W x 3.54 H in


About the work

“A good luck charm to protect children from misfortunes and help them grow up to be healthy.”

In the Edo period, kite flying was a popular activity for boys as hanetsuki (battledore) was for girls. Paint a kite to resemble a fella – yakko - from the lower social ranking and fly it high over a samurai residence was a way for commoners to blow off the stress of life’s hardships while having some fun. Saying, “A kite severs the fire,” the citizens of Edo - the city experienced numerous huge fires throughout the Edo period - flocked to Tako-ichi (Kite Fair), held every ushi-no-hi (Day of the Ox) in February, to pray for the protection against fire. 

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