Good Luck Charms of Edo

Jan 14, 2021 - Feb 17, 2021


Dog Wearing a Basket

Japanese Paper, Bamboo
3.15 W x 3.74 H in


About the work

“Children’s recovery from sickness and injury”

There were two things that worried all parents of Edo with children: a common cold and skin boils. To protect children from a cold, the paper mache dog is covered with a loosely-woven basket (an incantation against clogged nostril). A half-closed umbrella is added on top of the basket to pray for a quick recovery of a scab-covered skin boil.

*In Japanese, a scab is kasabuta or kasa. Kasa also means an umbrella. Here, a tightly-closed umbrella (kasa) represents a shrinking scab (also kasa).  

About the artist

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