Good Luck Charms of Edo

Jan 14, 2021 - Feb 17, 2021


Aun Kaeru - Open and Closed Mouthed Frogs

1.96 W x 3.93 H in


About the work

“For Safe Travels and the Return of Money”

Since the ancient times, frog has been considered to be an auspicious creature. Because they give birth to hundreds at once, frogs are cherished as the symbol of flourishing posterity. They serve as a good luck charm to prevent fires because they’re said swallow a fire with their big mouth. Because they have no belly button, frogs are also considered to provide a protection against thunder (In Japan, it is said that the Thunder God – kaminari-sama – will take your bellybutton if you don’t hide it). In the Japanese title the word “aun” is made of two sounds, “a” “meaning to inhale” and “un” to “keep your mouth shut,” as in “take in good luck and keep it inside.”

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