Good Luck Charms of Edo

Jan 14, 2021 - Feb 17, 2021


Setsubun - The Last Day of Winter

Japanese Paper, Wood
おたふく: 1,77 W x 1.77 H, 豆まき人形: 1.57 W x 1.57 H, 節分飾り: 1,77 W x 1.65 H in


About the work

“Driving Out Bad Luck”

In Japan, February 3rd is celebrated as Setsubun, the last day of winter according to the old lunar calendar. Since demons appear at the turn of the season, a ritual is held to drive away the demons. There are several activities to drive away evil spirts linked to Setsubun, in the past including the hanging of sardine heads skewered with a spring of holly in doorways and the throwing of dried beans. In Asakus, there is no demon in front of Kannon, you are supposed to shout ‘Fuku wa uchi’(Happiness in) with throwing the beans.  

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