An art exhibition commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami -Beyond the Earthquake, from Fukushima to the World- From "The Marine Day Art Show"

Mar 05, 2021 - Mar 31, 2021

Kimie Igarashi


Watercolor on Canvas
16 x 12 in

About the work

The name Fukushima became known to the world due to the unprecedented Great East Japan Earthquake. Aizu, where I live, is 130km from the coast, but the lifeline has been cut off. The hardships of those who were forced to evacuate due to the nuclear accident are unimaginable. The Great East Japan Earthquake has taught us many lessons. Ten years have passed, and the calm sea that brings the blessings of the sea is returning. The impression of the mother sea is expressed by drawing a harbor and a ship.

About the artist

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