An art exhibition commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami -Beyond the Earthquake, from Fukushima to the World- From "The Marine Day Art Show"

Mar 05, 2021 - Mar 31, 2021

Nagano Watanabe

Shadow 10

Charcoal-colored woodblock prints on rice paper
3.34 x 4.52 in

About the work

On the day of the Great East Japan Earthquake, a nuclear accident occurred. Radiation, albeit in small amounts, flew around my house on the mountainside 60 kilometers away. That spring, the number of small insects such as bees decreased, and so did the number of little birds and inhabitants. That spring, children could not play outside. Still, the scenery outside was beautiful, and the light of the day shining through the glass door was the same as before, bright and warmly projecting the shadow of our lives. It healed anxious minds and gave me hope. I expressed the light reflecting the house's safe and happy life like a shadow in black and white wood print.

About the artist

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