The Nippon Club Open Call WEB Art Exhibition “Forward Together!”

Sep 17, 2020 - Oct 14, 2020

Takashi Harada

Midsummer Night

Japanese Sumi Ink, Mineral Pigment, Nikawa Glue, on Canvas
36 x 12 in

About the work

I'm very interested in the certainty and/or the uncertainty of human memory. I want to explore how people perceive and remember forms, and how the process works when they draw them out or recall the forms as the memories. At the same time, I believe that human beings carry not only the memories from their own lifetimes, but also the memories as natural objects that remain in our bodies as genes. I also believe that the essential information which is needed in order to exist as a living organism which is recorded in our bodies makes us to identify ourselves as a part of the nature, or as equal to other natural objects at the level of one small particle when we put ourselves among other species, such as plants and animals, and surrounded by rocks, air, water and all other natural objects.

In this process, a very fuzzy and vague image is remembered as our own experience of nature, and when people sees a dazed image that is close to the uncertain memory in their mind in another time and space, that image brings out the sense of déjà vu and the sense of being part of nature, and possibly people can create a peaceful mind within.

I want to create this kind of vague images and want to people to retrieve their own memories being within the nature by having them experience and see these hazy images.

I have chosen water lilies as the motif this time and as a trigger to remind people’s memories. The water lilies are rooted in the dark, cold water and emerge from there in search of light. It is almost like a symbol of people rising up from their difficulties in search of hope. Right now, people in all over the world are in the midst of multiple difficulties. I hope that people will rise up to seek the light of hope from this situation.

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