Antique CHABAKO - Boxes for Tea Utensils - Ebiya Style

Apr 15, 2021 - May 26, 2021


About the work

CHABAKO                        BasketPortable Pillow, Korea, Early 19th C.

Tea Bowl                           Ci-zhou-yao Ware, Small Bowl, The Jin Dynasty, China
Tea Canister             Tinplate, Small Cup with a Lid, Europe, Early 20th                  
Tea Whisk Case               Old Bamboo, Showa Period
Tea Cloth Case                 Tin, Measuring Cup with a Handle, Europe, Early 20th C        
Tea Scoop                        Old Bamboo, Showa Period
Sweets Container             Glass, Inkwell, Meiji Period

 Shifuku Drawstring Bag

l  Obi kimono sash interlining cloth made of washi, Japanese paper

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