Antique CHABAKO - Boxes for Tea Utensils - Ebiya Style

Apr 15, 2021 - May 26, 2021

Ly Dynasty - Ambitious

About the work

CHABAKO                        Leather-Covered Cabinet for Tea Ceremony Utensils, Meiji Period


Tea Bowl                           Black Raku, To-style Tea Bowl, Late Edo Period

Alternate Teacup              Korakuen Ware, Black Raku Tea Bowl, Late Edo Period

Tea Canister                     Kyushu-Style, Narrow, Late Edo Period

Tea Scoop                        Knotless, Showa Period

Tea Whisk Case               Bamboo, Lion-Dog Pattern, Meiji Period

Tea C

Incense Canister               Copper, Lacquered Multi-tiered Food Box, Meiji Period

Confectionary Tray            Wood, Meiji Period

Confectionary Plate          Copper Alloy, Small Tray, Meiji Period                                    

Flower Vase                      Handled Flower Vase, Meiji Period              

Viewing Stones                 3 kinds, Hakkai-san, Abegaw                                                                               

Shallow Flower Vase         Bronze, Early Showa Period

Sand                                  Iron, Lidded Small Bowl, Early Showa Period           

Wastewater Container      Copper Alloy, Meiji Period


l  Various kinds of Edo Komon pattern

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