Antique CHABAKO - Boxes for Tea Utensils - Ebiya Style

Apr 15, 2021 - May 26, 2021

So Far So Good : Tsutsu ga naku

About the work

CHABAKO                        Copper, Tea Cannister, Taisho-Showa Period
Tea Bowl                           Ko-ate Ware, Cylinder-shaped, Late Edo Period
Tea Canister                     Bamboo, Seto Ware Copy, Meiji Period                                                
Tea Scoop                        Knotless, Showa Period
Tea Whisk Case               Basket Early, Showa Period
Tea Whisk Case               Copper, Pail-shaped, Meiji Period
Sweets Container            Tin, Small Bottle Middle East Asia, 19th C.
Flower Vase                     Ancient Copper, Flower Vase with a Handle, Late Edo Period
Wastewater Container     Copper, Mortar-shaped, Early Showa Period
Shifuku Drawstring Bag   Cotton – Zanshi-ju woven with  scrap threads
                                         Cotton – Kawari-ju fancy cloth

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