Antique CHABAKO - Boxes for Tea Utensils - Ebiya Style

Apr 15, 2021 - May 26, 2021

Final Blow

About the work

CHABAKO                       Small Drawer, Late Edo Period
Tea Bowl                          Akarakubatarai, Made by Ichiyu, Meiji Period
Tea Canister                    Scrap Metal, Lidded Embossed Container, Showa Period                   
Tea Scoop                       Scrap Bamboo, Showa Period
Tea Whisk Case              Cherry Bark, Harimaze-e: Works where several pictures are drawn 
                                         on a single piece of paper, Taisho Period                       
Tea Whisk Case              Seto Ware, Small Jar, Kamakura Period
Confectionary Tray          Vidro – Portuguese Glass, Late Edo Period
Incense Cannister           Silver, Toothpick Case, Early Showa Period
Incense Plate                   Silver, Small Plate, England, Early 20th C.
Wastewater Container     Copper Alloy, Shallow Plate, Early Showa Period

Shifuku Drawstring Bag   Touzan cotton fabric – Various patterns

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