Masako Kurokawa

Masako Kurokawa

Wachigaiya Kisaragi Tayuu

Mineral Pigments, Pure gold leaf, Platinum foil, Tenjiku cotto
20.89 ×17.91 in


About the work

Dancing "Inishie" 


Wachigaiya in Shimabara, Kyoto, was founded in 1688. It is the only teahouse in Japan that is still open, where Tayuu is placed. Tayuu Shimabara is a well-educated woman who excels in arts such as tea ceremony, Japanese flower arrangement, Japanese drum, kokyu, koto, shamisen, dance, and waka haiku. Tayuu had the status to meet the emperor.


Wear over other clothing. 

Turn over one collar of the inner garment and show it red

Red indicates high status.

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