Masako Kurokawa

Masako Kurokawa


Mineral Pigments, Pure gold leaf, Platinum foil, Japanese paper, glue
53 × 45.5 in


About the work

Hairstyle is "Ofuku"

"Ofuku" is a hairstyle from the third year of maiko.


From the second year, red lipstick is put on her upper lip.  

She has become a senior maiko, so her collar is white.


Her seasonal "Hanakanzashi" is the hydrangea.


 This Japanese Painting is drawn on Japanese paper with mineral pigments and glue. In areas with solid dryness, the paint may come off, and Japanese paper may tear, so it is necessary to humidify constantly. Also, if the humidity continues to be too high, mold may develop. If you place the picture in a place where there is a significant difference between the outside air and the room temperature, such as near the door, condensation may form inside the acrylic, and mold may develop. Avoid direct sunlight and avoid the wind from the air conditioner directly hitting the picture.

About the artist

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