Japanese Dolls: From Showa to Heisei and Reiwa eras

Jun 17, 2021 - Jul 28, 2021

Japanese Dolls

Licca's house <Dream house>

Soft vinyl chloride, Paper, etc.
13.77 (w) x 10.62 (h) x 14.96 (d) in


About the work

In the early 1960s, when Licca was born, most Japanese-style houses were still traditional Japanese-style with tatami mat rooms. Western-style rooms and condominiums were the centers of admiration for girls. "Licca-chan House" made this dream come true. As the name "Dream House" says, it was created with the concept of "a house full of girls' dreams."  The lace curtains were decorated with sofas and table drawing sets, and the interior was designed to tickle the girls' hearts at the time, saying, "I should live in a room like this." The first "Dream House" was a compact style in which a room appeared when the lid was opened. Thus, it could be carried to any place. Since then, "Licca-chan House" has constantly been evolving in keeping with the times and trends.

(By Takara Co., Ltd.)

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