Brilliant porcelain across the Pacific Ocean – Old Noritake: Beauty Bridging East & West

Nov 18, 2021 - Dec 29, 2021

Old Noritake

Handled Vase with Girl and Raised Flowers Decoration

w 7.91 x h 9.92 in


About the work

[Inscription] Maple Leaf

[Year of Manufacture] 1891 – 1915 (approx.)


This flower vase is an example of the early Old Noritake porcelains exported to the United States. It can be seen from the shape of its ears and the raised leaf decoration on its body that this vase is of the Art Nouveau style. However, the design, which features the image of a girl in the foreground and covers its surrounding area with a mesh pattern, is unique, making it a valuable piece, since, other than this vase, only a few such details having these features currently remain in existence.

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