Brilliant porcelain across the Pacific Ocean – Old Noritake: Beauty Bridging East & West

Nov 18, 2021 - Dec 29, 2021

Old Noritake

Round Vase with Migrating Geese Design

Φ 5.16 x h 6. 54 in

About the work

[Inscription] Created by Shunko with Hyōchien Painting

[Year of Manufacture] Early to mid-Meiji Era


Created by Katō Shunkō, this piece is thought to have been painted by Hyōchien, which produced the earlier described Plate with Quails and Cup and Saucer with Mustache Guard, and it is believed to be a work created by two parties: Hyōchien and Katō Shunkō. Shunkō (II: 1881 – 1958) was a potter who started his business in the village of Minami-Niiya, near Seto in Aichi Prefecture. Shunkō I soon began working with Morimura-gumi and signed an exclusive contract with the company in 1882. However, this piece is thought to have been produced before that agreement was reached.

About the artist

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