Brilliant porcelain across the Pacific Ocean – Old Noritake: Beauty Bridging East & West

Nov 18, 2021 - Dec 29, 2021

Old Noritake

Vase with Depiction of Samurai Warriors

h 14.57 x w 7.09 in

About the work

[Inscription] Created by Hichozan Fukagawa

[Year of Manufacture] Early Meiji Era


In 1875, FUKAGAWA Eizaemon VIII joined with FUKAUMI Suminosuke and several other potters to establish the Kōransha Company, a manufacturer of Arita ware. The products manufactured by this company were inscribed with either an orchid mark or the Kōransha company name. Thus, this piece is thought to have been made before that time. Its samurai warrior design is of a kinrande (gilded and enameled) decorative motif initially intended for export during the early Meiji Era.

About the artist

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