Brilliant porcelain across the Pacific Ocean – Old Noritake: Beauty Bridging East & West

Nov 18, 2021 - Dec 29, 2021

Old Noritake

Pair of Openwork Vases with Bird Relief

Caliber 3.66, Body diameter 5.31, h10.2 in


About the work

[Inscription] Eishinsya

[Year of Manufacture] The first half of the Meiji Era


Migratory birds flocking together are painted through a lattice of gold at both the upper and lower parts of the body of a pair of vases, while dragon-shaped handles grace their necks. An elaborate openwork lattice surrounds the central bodies of these vases, revealing pink-colored ume (Japanese plum blossoms) peering outward through the lattice. The porcelain manufacturing company Eishinsha was established in 1876 in the village of Izushi in Hyogo Prefecture. At its founding, the company invited potter SHIBATA Zenpei from the kiln of the Nabeshima Clan of Hizen (now Kumamoto Prefecture). However, Eishinsha suffered from severe financial difficulties from the start and eventually had to give up its business in 1885. Although its period of activity was short, the company remains well known for its beautiful white porcelain and delicate craftsmanship.

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