Michio Koide

Michio Koide

Coexhist Soul

K18, Black Diamond


About the work

This jewelry piece is inspired by the artwork of London-based artist James SHEONE.

Jewelry designer Michio Koide created a 3D jewelry piece inspired by SHEONE's trademark drawings. The abstract shapes, unusual for jewelry, are expressed in yellow gold and black diamonds.

James SHEONE is a pioneer of abstract graffiti in Europe. Influenced by Japanese culture, he has participated in numerous exhibitions and international projects, and his work has been highly acclaimed. He also collaborates in the fields of music and product design.


Influenced by his Abstract Graffiti work, Michio Koide communicated with SHEONE online to complete a single piece. Something new and valuable is created through the online "virtual connection." 


Art can illuminate and brighten people's hearts, and jewelry can make people feel special. We hope that art and jewelry will be in harmony through this work.



About the artist

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