The Nippon Club WEB Gallery Special Exhibition  Trees - The treasures of the forest that nurture Japanese culture and economy -Recycling-oriented Initiatives in the Odawara Hakone Area-

Oct 28, 2022 - Dec 08, 2022

Hakone marquetry – Kanazashi Wood Craft

Large Sake Cup Set of 2

parquet / urethane finish
Φ20.47 x H 19.69 in


About the work

Parquet does not put colors on wood but combines wood of different colors to create a pattern. It is a craft only found in the Hakone and Odawara areas, where tree species are abundant. Bonded wooden bundles are thinly shaved like Kintaro candy ( a cylindrical candy made so that Kintaro's face appears wherever it is sliced), and the cross-section is affixed to the wooden product. Traditional craftsman Katsuhiro Kanazashi, who introduces his works in this exhibition, has established a new technique: wooden bundles are shaved with a rokuro to create three-dimensional works. These works are Large Sake Cups, and You can enjoy the beauty of parquet, a traditional craft. 

About the artist

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