The Nippon Club WEB Gallery Special Exhibition  Trees - The treasures of the forest that nurture Japanese culture and economy -Recycling-oriented Initiatives in the Odawara Hakone Area-

Oct 28, 2022 - Dec 08, 2022

La Luz

Raku M

]Thinning cypress from Odawara and Hakone Finish: CNF + Urethane
Φ6.30 x H 2.75 in


About the work

Bring fun to the dining table and storage!

HIKIYOSE, introduced in this exhibition, is made with a technique called "KIJIHIKI " - shaping wooden material into a bowl using an edged tool and lathe - which has been handed down since ancient times.

First, the board is made into a bar material, and a single parquet board is used, except for cracks and knotted wood. Cut it into three rings so the cross-section is oblique, with the inner disc at the bottom and the outer ring at the upper tier. By gluing, you can create a three-dimensional vessel. Therefore, it only requires 1/3 of the material compared to scraping from solid material. Cracks and distortions are suppressed by rotating each stage 90° and gluing them. HIKIYOSE is a sturdy vessel with no waste in materials and a beautiful parquet design.

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