Hakata Traditional Crafts Exhibition Magemon, Hariko and Imajuku Dolls - The beauty and skills inherited by female craftsmen-

Oct 13, 2023 - Nov 22, 2023

Hakata Hariko


Handmade Japanese paper, news paper, flour, funori glue, Acrylic paints, Sumi ink and red food coloring, cardboard and thread
W6.30 x D4.33 x H2.36 in


About the work

At Toka Ebisu Shrine in Fukuoka City, which is dedicated to the god of business prosperity,
people took home lucky bamboo leaves decorated with these decorations to receive the divine virtues found in the blessings of nature, such as the mountains and the sea. Among them, Fuku refers to the Fugu, and in Fukuoka Prefecture, the Fugu is called "Fuku" to bring good fortune.

About the artist

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