Hakata Traditional Crafts Exhibition Magemon, Hariko and Imajuku Dolls - The beauty and skills inherited by female craftsmen-

Oct 13, 2023 - Nov 22, 2023

Hakata Hariko

princess daruma No.1

Handmade Japanese paper, news paper, flour, funori glue, Acrylic paints, Sumi ink, red food coloring
W6.69 x D7.09 x H8.27 in


About the work

A lucky charm On New Yearʼs Eve, people in Hakata purchased a princess Daruma doll
that stands facing the lucky direction. On New Year's Day, there was a custom to display it on a Shinto altar, wishing for the family's safety for the year. The body is painted with pine、bamboo, and plum (an auspicious grouping)

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