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The Meiji Aesthetics: Influences from Edo to Now

February 29, 2024

The Nippon Club Presents “The Meiji Aesthetics: Influences from Edo to Now” During New York Asia Week 2024.
New York, NY – The Nippon Club, in collaboration with Orientations Gallery and Oriental Treasure Box Gallery, is thrilled to announce the return of its esteemed exhibition for New York Asia Week 2024. This year’s exhibition, titled “The Meiji Aesthetic: Influence from Edo to Now,” celebrates the 11th anniversary of this distinguished vetted exhibition, making it the longest-running event of its kind for Asia Week.
The exhibition will showcase an exquisite collection of high-quality objects from accomplished and recognized artists, featuring a range of mediums, including cloisonné enamels, metalwork, ceramics, art lacquer, painting, basketry, carving, and textiles. Notably, the exhibition will include works by Imperial Court Artists and Living National Treasures, alongside many artworks that complement the pieces in the trailblazing touring museum exhibition “Meiji Modern.”
In a particular highlight of Asia Week, Ms. Hollis Goodall, Curator Emerita of Japanese Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, will deliver an illustrative lecture on Monday, March 18, at 3 pm. She will talk about “THE MEIJI AESTHETIC”. Rapid changes to all aspects of life in Japan during the Meiji Era included impacts on arts and aesthetics. As art-craft (kōgei) and paintings displayed at international expositions brought in cash to build the country and its military, government members and artists participated in the debates around how to modernize Japanese art.” This lecture on Meiji Aesthetics will outline the evolution in attitudes and resulting stylistic changes in art as the Meiji era progressed. This standing-room-only lecture has historically been one of the most anticipated features of Asia Week, offering insightful perspectives on Japanese art and culture.
Organized by Orientations Gallery and Oriental Treasure Box Gallery
■Lecture by Ms. Hollis Goodall:

– Date: March 18, 2024 (Monday)
– Time:15:00
– Admission: Free